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With 2023 just round the corner,  the trying to conceive journey will be front and centre of your mind, in the hope that 2023 will be your year. I too very much hope that it will be.


The fertility journey can be infuriating and when it comes to weight loss and BMI, this part can be the most infuriating of all. With most clinics requiring a BMI of less than 30, it can be tough to lose those last few pounds, especially when you have working so hard for so long. 

I have been on my own fertility journey and know how tough it can be. I am delighted to be able to support you on your journey, I know how important this is.

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The 12 in 12 will support you with both fertility supporting workouts and healthy meal plans. You will receive a fertility and health focused 12 week work out plan, with meal plans that you can pick from, for three days a week. You can repeat the same meals as often as you like meaning you could easily plan a whole week's worth of healthy meals. The meals will all be planned to your own specific calorie and macro goal allowing you to work towards a specific weight target, with the aim of losing at least 1lb per week. 

With weekly phone check ins with me (Maria, founder of Fitness Fertility, personal trainer with PCOS), plus messaging via the awesome online training app 7 days a week, you will also have friendly accountability support and someone to listen to and support you if things get tough. You will also be part of a community group to help support you on this journey an keep you focused. 

With three workouts per week, one of which is low intensity, fertility supporting stretches in every workout, pelvic floor workouts and more, this is a very fertility focused plan. 

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