Fitness Fertility Plans

The fertility journey can be a long one and some of you may want to go it alone, whilst some of you may prefer to join a group. Fitness Fertility understand this and so we have different plans available. We can also adapt programmes to your needs, so if you have a question do get i n touch, there is lots of flexibility in what we can offer. There are also deals available for couples if you both want to train. 

Curious but not sure? Contact me for a completely free trial based on your own requirements. 

Find your perfect plan

  • Best value

    Roll with it!

    Every month
    Perfect for those looking for long term accountability
    • Personalised training plan with gradual exercise progression
    • Programme for two workouts per week
    • Seven day a week access to your trainer via the app
    • Feedback on exercise form every two weeks
    • Once a week formal contact with trainer
    • Setting and tracking of healthy habits mental health habits
    • Part of a supportive community group (numbers depending)
    • Accountability support
    • Can be designed for pregnancy or post natal training
  • TTC 8

    Full body, fertility supporting 8 week plan
    Valid for 8 weeks
    • 8 weeks of 3 workouts per week
    • Fertility supporting yoga stretches in every workout
    • All workouts programmed in easy to use, free to use, app
    • Every exercise demonstrated for you in the app
    • Minimal equipment required
    • 8 x low intensity workouts as extras (so 24 workouts total)
    • Repeatable fertility supporting yoga stretch session
    • Motivational messages and information sent to you throughout
    • #2ww workouts
  • TTC 12

    Every week
    Full body workout programme to help support your fertility
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • 12 weeks of 3 workouts per week
    • Everything programmed on an easy to use, free, app
    • All exercises demonstrated in the app
    • Minimal equipment required
    • Workouts progressed to ensure you make progress
    • #2ww workouts
    • Fertility supporting yoga exercises in every workout
    • Repeatable fertility supporting yoga routine
    • 8 low intensity workouts (so 32 workouts total)
    • Time not reps, can go at own pace (e.g. endo/pcos flare up)
    • Pelvic Floor Workout you can repeat as often as you like
    • Part of a really supportive community of women
    • Lots more including extra workouts in the last two weeks