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Are you judging me?

So many people assume infertility lies with the woman.

But some estimates suggest that one third of infertility issues lie with the man, one third with the woman and one third both. Other estimates state 50% of infertility issues are due to the men (in straight couples).

Sperm is judged on three things:

☆ quantity

☆ motility (movement)

☆ morphology (shape)

How can you improve sperm quality?

♡ eat well: fruit, chicken, grains, fish

♡ exercise, but not too intensely or for too long

♡ avoid toxic chemicals e.g. lead and styrene

♡ take supplements for example vitamins C and D and zinc.

Good luck if you are on your own journey. Make sure to get your partner's (if male) sperm checked out.

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