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Can exercise help success rates with IVF?

Whether or not to exercise when undergoing fertility treatment is a really important question and ultimately it is up to you and what you are comfortable with. For those wanting to exercise but about to have IVF, you might find the following information reassuring.

Rao, Zeng and Tang in 2019, (Reproductive biology and Endocrinology) carried out a meta analysis to evaluate the association between maternal physical activity before ivf/icsi cycles and reproductive outcomes. They found:

An increasing (but not statistically significant) trend in implantation rate in physically active women compared to physically inactive women

♡ NO SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE in miscarriage rate in physically active compared to physically inactive women

♡ rates of clinical pregnancy were SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER in active women compared to inactive women.

So, no increase in miscarriage, slight but not significant increase in implantation rates and significant increase in rates of clinical pregnancy and live births in active women compared to inactive.

Fitness Fertility matters.

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