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Coffee and Fertility: what does the research say?

It's 11:00am, it's time for a little boost, right? But you are #ttc and so as you stand in the queue you can't decide. To coffee or not to coffee? That is the question.

Good news for you coffee lovers out there! Lyngso et al in 2017 (Clinical epidemiology) found that whilst there was a growing evidence to support the relationship between caffeine and "spontaneous abortion" (please be aware of this and seek further advice if needs be) they say "there seems to be little, if any, association between coffee/caffeine consumption and fecundity (the ability to produce offspring)."

So, that mid morning latte may be okay :-)

They do advise to follow guidance from EFSA and the WHO, who advise that the maximum RDA of 2 to 3 cups of coffee / 200-300mg may be too high.

NOTE: please follow advice from your healthcare provider when it comes to caffeine, but this may be a little bit of good news for all you coffee lovers out there today.

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