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Do you work out on holiday?

I'm writing this as I sit on a beach, in a little town near Alicante, Spain. I've been for a run, and now I've settled down with my lap top and a coffee and am enjoying my work.

For me, there is no better time to workout than when on holiday. Here are my top 5 reasons why it makes complete sense to work out on holiday.

  1. Time. one of the biggest excuses for not working out is that you don't have time. So, use the less hectic holiday day's to get out, whether it's a walk, a jog, or squats whilst overlooking the ocean. You will feel better for it, I promise.

2. Consistency is key. I say it on my podcast every week, but it's true consistency is key. So, don't regress when on holiday; by all means adapt, lower the intensity, incorporate a stretch session rather than a hiit class, but just do something to keep your body ticking over.

3. Working out on holiday, especially something like running, walking or cycling is the best way to find your bearings and explore new surroundings. Find the little side street cafes, see where the locals go and follow the locals on all their own running routes. You'll feel great and explore places you would never normally go.

4. Happy hormones. Travelling can be stressful. Cramped planes, busy roads, delayed trains, all of these uncomfortable aspects of travelling can make us feel stressed and ...well....just a bit dirty. So, get out as soon as you can, stretch off the body and get rid of all that stress so you can get on and enjoy your holiday.

5. Help keep the calories at bay. The sad truth is that a number of women are on their own weight loss journey before they can start treatment. We all enjoy treats on holiday, and for many, having a drink, or some cake is definitely one of the perks of being away. But, the extra calories can of course derail any weight loss effort. So, stay active and help burn some of the calories that you may treat yourself to later.

For information and advice about how to workout and support your fertility, book in for a free consultation.

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