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Early β-hCG is Predictive of Pregnancy Outcomes: Could this help to reduce the Two Week Wait?

Citation: Sharara FI, Kheil MH, Brockman AL, Moawad GN and Taha H (2022) Early β-hCG is Predictive of Pregnancy Outcomes after Embryo Transfer in both Fresh and Frozen Single Embryo Transfer Cycles. J Fertil Steril Reprod Health 2: 1-7.

The two week wait is awful. I don't know anyone who enjoys those torturous 14 days. Am I pregnant? Is that a symptom? Is that implantation bleeding? Is that dip on my chart because I went to bed late or is that an implantation dip?

Recent research has provided a small glimmer of hope that maybe one day we will no longer need to wait the full two weeks to find out if we are pregnant. Doctors may also be able to predict the likelihood of a viable pregnancy.

Sharara et al (citation above, as you may wish to read this yourselves) found that it was possible to detect whether an individual was pregnant and also if that pregnancy was likely to be viable just 5-6 days post frozen and fresh embryo transfer. They go on to acknowledge how stressful the two week wait is and that if this earlier testing was employed by clinics it could significantly reduce this stress.

Let's hope this is exactly what happens and that the dreaded two week wait becomes a thing of the past.

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