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Exercise and weight loss. What exercises work best?

All exercises are equal, right? Wrong.

Some exercises are better for weight loss than others and it can be a bit mind boggling figuring out where to start. So, let me help you!

Today, I am talking about HIIT, high intensity interval training. This involves short bursts of very intense exercise (e.g. 9-10/10 for effort) followed by short rest periods. A typical example is 20 seconds work, 40 seconds rest, or 20 seconds on, 60 seconds rest. It will help you burn calories and get fit. Really quite fit if you stick with it.

Pick the interval length that suits you best and set the timer for 10 minutes.

You can do these anytime, any where. You can do sprints in your yard, garden, park or outside on the pavement. If you are in the gym, the rowing machine is great for this

(treadmills have a delay when increasing speed but you can use them if you want).

HIIT is good for those already working out and used to training ha

rd. If you are a beginner I would suggest 6 weeks of cardio and resistance training to build up your cardiovascular system first.

HIIT is effective but tough, so check with your doctor if you have a medical condition before starting.

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