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How many weeks do I need to work out for to get fit?

How do I get fit? How often do I need to work out? Can I lose weight on two workouts per week? Do I do strength training or cardio training? Will doing too much exercise affect my fertility? Is it possible to do too much exercise when #ttc?

These are all important and valid questions, and I get asked these questions a lot. Whilst I could happily talk at length on all of these questions, I will keep it simple here.

Firstly, some exercise, even very little, is better than none. So, even if you start with one workout, 15 minutes per week, just start. I know from experience that just that one workout will motivate you ever so slightly for the next one. So you will be more motivated to get to workout number two. then you'll be even more motivated to get to number three...and so it continues.

A 12 week programme will bring more benefits than an 8 week programme, though if you are new to exercise, then sticking to an 8 week programme is a huge achievement and you should be really proud of yourself. Be proud after every workout, let alone after 8 weeks.

You can lose weight on two workouts per week. At the end of the day, in most cases, you need to drop around 500 calories a day to lose one pound of fat a week. It is often no more complicated than burning more calories than you take on. So, by doing two workouts a week, you are using calories and so helping to build in that calorie deficit. 500 calories is roughly the equivalent to a 5 mile walk/jog/run or a 50 minute spin class.

When it comes to strength or cardio, there are implications for your fertility here. Strength training has been shown to support women with PCOS, especially those with insulin resistance. It is also a fantastic way to build whole body strength and get your body strong for a healthy pregnancy. You will also burn calories not just during the workout. but you will continue to burn calories after the workout. You are basically turbo charging your metabolism. What's not to love about that? Cardio is great for respiratory and heart fitness and also builds strength in the legs. It is great for calorie burning and also for mental health. Very little beats just going outside so if you can get out, then do.

Is it possible to do too much exercise when #ttc? The short answer is yes. You can over exercise and this can have damaging effects on your fertility, for a number of reasons. the best thing to do is follow a fertility supporting exercise plan, not just a generic one, to ensure you are not doing too much.

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