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The Fitness Fertility Podcast

What a week. With a pregnancy announcement from a client plus the release of my new podcast, to say I am excited is an understatement!

Why? The same reason that I wake up to every day: I'm here to support you on your fertility journey. This fitness and fertility podcast allows me to delve deeper I together topics that I know from experience and research are key to supporting your fertility.

Does your advice and training plans actually make a difference? Well, with a pregnancy announcement from a fabulous client this week and 10's of kg's in weight loss over the last few months, plus general happiness and cheer, I am going to blow my own trumpet and say yes. It is a small part of the total process, but a really important one.

What will you be covering? Everything will be aimed at giving you the best, reliable advice, with a sense of humour and honesty along the way. From weight loss to the best leggings, to my story and how I now have my two gorgeous boys to the impact of mental health on fertility, I will be covering everything I can to help support you with your fertility.

Why should I listen? Knowledge is power. The fertility journey is not always straight forward. Not everyone will support you. Not everyone will take you seriously. Not all fitness plans are helpful for fertility. Some may be harmful. Everything we talk about will give you that little extra boost to allow to you to take control of your own journey and be prepared for those tricky decisions both in and outside of the fitness world.

Where? Join me on and my fabulous friend and producer Roisin on Spotify, Apple or Stitcher. The trailer is now live, make sure to subscribe and follow so that you don't miss out. You never know, it may be that one bit of advice that makes a significant difference to your journey.

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