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Trigger warning. Or rather, I could have done with one.

I thought I was through the triggering stage. I have a 5 year old and a 9 month old and have been merrily going about my day to day life hoping all of that emotional upset was now in my past.

How wrong I was. Along comes the Covid vaccine.....(for which I am entirely grateful FYI)

I was fine in the queue. Fine in the waiting room. Fine in the 'this person next' chair. Fine walking to the room. Fine chatting to the volunteers.

I was not fine in the vaccination room.

It was set up just like a doctors office. Seat in the same place, computer, desk, nurse, all in the exact same places that they have been in so many times before.

So, back in time I went. The doctors appointments, hospital appointments, bad news appointments, stressful appointments, scans, procedures, heart breaking appointments.

Triggered to (insert your own expletive here). Safe to say this was entirely unexpected and I was delighted to finally get out of the room. The nurse was amazing, the people were lovely and it was just one of those unexpected and unfortunate experiences that infertility brings along with it.

What can I say. Infertility su


Anyone experienced anything similar? Any unexpected triggers you just didn't see coming?

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