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What the heck is remote training?(and how do I get my free trial?)

I totally understand this question. It may seem like a really strange way to train. What is it? How does it work? Will I see results? How do you know what I am doing? Why should I pay for this?

To help answer the most common questions about remote personal training, please just read below. If you have any more questions after this, or you just fancy a chat and would like to know more, then please get in touch, I'm always happy to hear from you.

  1. What is remote training?

Remote training just means that you work out where you want, when you want and all of your workouts are programmed for you on an amazing app. This brings huge benefits like flexibility with your time whilst still being accountable for your workout. Your personal trainer will get a notification if you skip a workout and will follow up with you in a supportive manner to see way you have missed that workout.

2. How does remote personal training work when we don't see each other?

It's like having a PT in your pocket. All day, every day.

Your PT designs your bespoke training programme which you access any time, any where, via the app. All you do is click on the workout that has been scheduled for you, and the app takes you through each exercise via a video of the exercise, the timings, reps, sets and everything you need to know. You then rate the workout in terms of how difficult it was which allows your PT to assess the level of the workout, if it needs to be easier or harder or stay the same. You can also leave a comment about the workout for example "I really enjoyed the mountain climbers" and your PT can factor that in for future. If you miss a workout, your PT receives notification that you have missed it and will follow up with you. This keeps you accountable and helps you achieve your goals.

3. How do you know if I'm making progress?

All of the workouts are designed for progress, so they will gradually move you towards whatever your goal is each week. Your PT can also tell from the ratings you give each workout for example if you managed 12 reps this week instead of 11 the week before or if you give the workout a 8/10 for difficulty one week but a 6/10 for difficulty two weeks later.

Your PT will also have a weekly official catch up with you and will just ask you how you are getting on. Every two weeks you will film yourself on some of the workout and send it to your PT. This allows them to check your form and assess your progress.

So the regular contact, filming and feedback after every workout makes it easy to check on progress and help keep you accountable toward your goals.

4. How do I know if I am doing the exercises right without you there to watch me?

Our very first session will involve a zoom call where your PT will take you through all the basic moves and assess your level so you will get advice on technique from day one.

Every two weeks you will film yourself doing some of your exercises and send them to your PT via the app. This is very easy to do using the messenger function. But, if you are unsure about any exercise, just send your PT a message of you having a go and they will get back to you quickly offering advice. Each exercise is also demonstrated in the app so you can watch that as well.

5. Why should I pay for a PT that can't go to the actual gym with me?

Great question and a very important one. I have had clients who tried the remote way and decided they needed face to face contact, once a week in the gym. I've had other clients who were a bit reluctant to start but then have totally engaged in the flexibility and accountability, goal setting and community groups and have smashed their targets.

If you think you need face to face then I'd suggest you try my free trial and see how you get on. It's free so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you don't like it, no problem at all, if you do, great, you can hang around!

The idea is that with this way of training, you don't need the PT to be there with you in person as all the workouts are pre programmed and every single move is demonstrated on the app. You give feedback after every workout so I know exactly how you are getting on, we touch base officially once a week and you send me a video once every two weeks.

You are paying the PT for 1) the programme planning, all of which is bespoke after our initial consultation, (2) the accountability for each workout when your PT checks in to see how you are getting on and the (3) setting and tracking of goals and habits which support both your mental and physical health.

6. £30 a week seems a lot. Why should I spend this on the app when I could do one face to face session a week?

I agree that £30 a week is definitely worth thinking about and I do understand that this is not available to everyone and it is really important to think about how you spend your money.

With face to face you meet once a week, when it suits both you and your PT, possibly at 5:30 am or 9:00 pm, they train you for 45 minutes or an hour and then you both go home.

For £30 a week with me you get two programmed workouts a week, contact more than once a week via the app if you want it, accountability for every workout, encouragement immediately after workouts and when you smash your goals, community groups, the setting and tracking of healthy habits and goals which support both your mental and physical health, feedback on form and progress every two weeks and a follow up if you miss a workout.

Saying this, I do know that £30 a week can be a lot of money so to support you, returning customers switching from the 8 or 12 week programme to the rolling one will get a discount, the longer you stay on the rolling, the less you pay and I also offer discounts for couples.

My main goal is to help those on their fitness and/or fertility journey. Having been there myself I know how tough it can be and I really hope I can help some of you in any way I can.

Still not sure but feeling like you might be interested? No problem, you can have a completely free trial to see how you get on! Just get in touch with me at and we can get you up and running in no time.

If you have any more questions please do get in touch via

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