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Why you don't need to go hard before you go home.

Go hard or go home. Pain is weakness leaving the body. Wake up beauty, it's time to beast.

The fitness industry is full of the same message on repeat. Work hard, don't ever slow down, lift heavy, one more rep. But what about when it comes to fertility? Fitness for fertility is not quite the same. Going hard then going home may actually be damaging for your fertility. Excess cortisol and stress on your body can interfere with your body's hormonal system and make it less likely you will ovulate.

You can make huge progress working out at a moderate level. You will still sweat. You will still get fitter. You can still lose weight. You can still build muscle. You will improve your mental health. And , you can prevent exercise induced damage to your fertility.

Fitness for fertility is just like the story of the three bears. You don't want to exercise too much. You don't want to exercise too little. You want to get it juuuussstt right.

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