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Take Charge of Your Fertility

Join our 8 week Fitness and Nutrition Course

 If you are preparing for fertility treatment, trying to conceive, trying to manage your BMI, trying to eat the right nutrition for fertility but are confused and unsure about where to start, then don't worry, we can help.

Julia Young, an experienced and qualified nutritionist specialising in fertility and Maria, Founder of Fitness Fertility ,have teamed up for the third year in a row to bring you our Taking Charge of Your Fertility 8 Week Course.

Join our 8 week group course where you will be supported and coached through fertility specific fitness and nutrition.*







Join today

This 8 week online group course starts on Wednesday February 22nd 2023.

This course will support you making positive and actionable steps immediately, so you’ll be able to reclaim your energy, lose weight if needed, balance your mood, improve your digestion, manage stress, and optimise your fertility.

You will receive an 8 week fitness programme designed to support you with your fertility, plus fertility nutrition education and coaching throughout the 8 weeks. 

Join today

The workout programme includes 3 workouts per week, one of which is low intensity. It also contains a number of extras such as fertility supporting yoga stretches, pelvic floor workout and Tabata training to give you an extra fitness blast along the way.

Everything is delivered via an awesome app, so you can work out in the gym or at home, whenever suits you. 

You can message Maria via the app at any time and Maria can message you, a key way to support you and help keep you accountable. 

You will be part of a group with other women on the course so you can support each other and help keep each other motivated. 

“I love the flexibility and I love that all the exercises are demonstrated for me. The workouts are great and work well with my busy schedule”. Fitness Fertility Client after two weeks 

Take Charge Today

This course is for you if you:

  •  Are confused about what to eat to support your fertility.

  • Want to know what you should be doing to maximise your chances of IVF success.

  • Want to improve egg quality and sperm health.

  • Have been diagnosed with a condition that may be affecting your fertility i.e. PCOS or endometriosis.​

  • Have been told you have ‘unexplained infertility’.

  • ​Have been trying to conceive for some time without success.

  • Have had failed IVF or IUI cycles.

  • Have suffered from miscarriages and want to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

  • Want to conceive naturally and ensure your body is as healthy as it can be.

  • Are experiencing secondary infertility

  • Looking to conceive with donor eggs or sperm.

  • Would like guidance and support from fertility experts.

  • Want to prepare your body physically for fertility treatment and pregnancy.

  • Want to lower your BMI before treatment or just to feel better in yourself.

Sign up today

*please note, this is a group course, so whilst we will discuss and coach you through the key areas of fitness and nutrition, this is not a one to one course. 

We do offer one to one support, so if you are interested in a more bespoke approach please contact Julia at or Maria at


Before Course

After Course



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