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How to get pregnant with PCOS
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Hello and Welcome. 

Maria McMaster

Personal Trainer

Pre and Post Natal Trainer

Mphil Psychology

BSc Psychology

Mum of two earthside children



Clomid rage survivor 

My Story

Hi, my name is Maria. 

I'm a mum of two beautiful boys, podcast host, personal trainer, Psychology graduate, exercise lover and enthusiastic runner. 

My fertility story is inextricably linked to my fitness journey. 

I have PCOS and have always struggled with anovulatory cycles, bad skin, mood swings and fatigue. My body also loves carbs, and with my Italian heritage, I do very much enjoy a good pizza and a tasty plate of pasta. 

As a result of my PCOS, I needed fertility help to get pregnant and the road was far from easy. I experienced pregnancy loss, stress, anxiety, mood swings, hormonal chaos and uncertainty along the way, as I know so many of you also do.  Consequently, I know how tough things can be and that gives me a compassion and understanding of the trying to conceive journey that you won't find in most other trainers. 

Fitness Fertility has been born out of my experiences and my drive to help others, like you, on this journey. If you would like to know more, just book in for a free consultation or get in touch via email. 

You can also call or message on 07734 861322. 

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