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Have any of your clients become pregnant?

YES!! And it's the best feeling in the world. 

I need to lower my BMI before the doctor will start my fertility treatment. Can you help me? 

Yes, I can. There are a number of ways to burn calories and help with weight loss. I will ensure that I programme a type of training that you will enjoy. This means you are more likely to stick to it and more likely to keep active. This, combined with a healthy diet, will help you lose weight. 

Do I need gym equipment or a gym membership?

No! I understand that the fertility journey can be a time consuming one and so I can plan for you to work out at home, with whatever equipment you have, at a time that suits you. I will still check in with you to ensure you do the workouts (this accountability is very important) but there is flexibility with both time and equipment. I will programme for whatever you need and whatever you have access to. 

What if I get pregnant?

Firstly, I would say a huge congratulations! Then I would say, don't worry, if you want to you can carry on training with us. I am am also a qualified pre and post natal trainer and so can support you during and after your pregnancy. I am also lucky enough to have Nikki on the Fitness Fertility team, she is not only a pre and post natal personal trainer, but a midwife as well. 

How are you different to a regular gym trainer?

I understand that infertility can be challenging both physically and psychologically. I factor this in to your workouts, understanding there may need to be more flexibility than a more rigid training plan may afford. I understand the need for healthy mental habits and can programme for these as well. I understand that different types of training may suit different types of infertility especially at different points in your cycle . I understand that there isn't one size fits all when it comes to fitness and fertility. 

Online Workout


Do I need to have fertility issues to train with you?

Not at all! Fitness Fertility is happy to train anyone interested in remote training. I use the name Fitness Fertility because I want to normalise talking about fertility and I want those who are on their fertility journey to know that I am here for them to support them on this journey. 

I identify as male/gender fluid/non binary, can I train with you?

Absolutely. I am happy to set you up on a remote training programme and support you in achieving your goals. You do not need to be thinking about fertility issues either, you may just want to come and train with us and that is no problem at all, I would love to help you. 

My partner and I both want to train with you, is that okay?

Yes, of course. Get in touch and ask about my couples packages (straight, bi, queer, or gay, everyone is welcome here). Whether you are dealing with fertility issues, having fertility treatment due to being in a same sex relationship or just fancy training with Fitness Fertility, I am happy to support you both. 

Why remote training over face to face?

Remote training allows you a bespoke programme that can be easily modified and adapted depending on your needs, whilst allowing you the flexibility to train wherever and whenever you want. You don't need to worry about fitting in with your PT. You will also be held accountable for every workout! You have access to me every day via the messenger in the app and can also be in a supportive community group of like minded people. I can see your stats, how many times you train, how hard you work and with video messages I can still check your form and support you with technique. I will also help you set healthy habits to support your mental health. Check out the 'app' section on the website for more info on how this all looks. 

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