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Pregnancy workouts


Your pregnancy is precious.

Every pregnancy is precious, but pregnancy after fertility treatment can be a roller coaster of emotions; anxiety, joy, delight, disbelief, more anxiety and then more joy. Having been through two pregnancies following fertility treatment, I know exactly how this feels. 

When it comes to exercising and staying fit during pregnancy,  research has shown that working out during pregnancy can be beneficial to both the baby and mother, plus it can help with labour and the recovery post partum. Many women also find working out during pregnancy a great stress reliever and a great way to support positive mental health. I ran and worked out through all stages of my pregnancies and thoroughly enjoyed myself throughout. 

Fitness Fertility Personal Training appreciates all of this and so has lovingly crafted a pregnancy training plan designed to support you through every trimester of pregnancy. The workouts in each trimester are designed to support you as your bump grows, your center of gravity changes, your blood volume increases, your energy levels vary, your joints become more flexible and the baby grows. 

Look here for more information. 

All the workouts in this programme are low intensity and designed to support a healthy pregnancy.

They involve two full body workouts per week, and all the exercises are designed to support you through each trimester.  This workout plan is not designed to help you get super fit or smash those PB's; pregnancy is not the time for this! It is designed to keep you fit and healthy, and help you prepare for a fit pregnancy, labour and delivery. 

The programme includes:

  • 2 x full body workouts per week

  • Everything delivered via an awesome app (it's like having a PT in your pocket)

  • Minimal equipment required (some light dumbbells at most)

  • Suitable for home or gym workouts

  • Messaging via the app

  • Regular contact and friendly accountability

  • Ability to send video messages if you are not sure on what to do

  • All exercises demonstrated in the app

  • Cancel any time (no minimum sign up period)

Have a look here.

If you are interested in training and would like to know more, you can book in for a free consultation here and I would be delighted to talk to you about how you can keep fit during pregnancy. A number of my fantastic clients have started on my training programmes designed to enhance your fertility through fitness and then once they are pregnant continue their pregnancy training with me as well. 

If you are hoping to be pregnant soon, but are still on your fertility journey, have a look at my Fitness Fertility Podcast,  where I talk about all things relating to fitness for fertility. If you are looking to lose weight before treatment then check out my 12 in 12 or my fertility focused training plans, all of which are designed to help you on your quest of fertility fitness. 

Safety is the main priority.

The exercises are considered pregnancy safe as long as you do not have any contraindications to working out. You must complete the PARQ (questionnaire provided that assesses your suitability to work out) before starting training and if your PT decides from the PARQ that the programme is not suitable, you will be given a full refund. You must consult with your doctor prior to working out. 

Fitness Fertility takes no responsibility for any harm caused to you or your unborn child as a result of working out. By signing up to this programme, you acknowledge that this is the case.

Pregnancy workouts

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