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Personal Training to Support You on Your Fertility Journey

Fitness Fertility


From burpees to babies, I'm here to support you.

Find a fertility focused training plan to support you on your fertility journey.

Prepare for IVF, manage your BMI through meal plans and exercise, and take control of your fitness and fertility journey today. 

Let's work together to make 2023 your year. 

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What Makes Fitness Fertility Different?

  • Two week wait workouts: less intense and all exercises are safe for pregnancy

  • Low intensity workouts for days where your endo is flaring up, your fibroids are irritating you, your PCOS is making you feel sluggish or your mental health has taken a dive; all of which support your fertility fitness

  • Each workout uses time not reps meaning you can control how hard you work so you can get the balance between working hard, but not too hard (meaning you keep cortisol levels down, important for fertility)

  • Fertility supporting yoga stretches included in every workout, aimed to relax the whole body, lower cortisol levels, relax the pelvis area and increase blood flow to the uterus and ovaries 

  • Weekly check ins to support you and keep you accountable and consistent on your fertility fitness journey

  • A safe space where we can talk about the stage of the cycle you are in, your #2ww, your OPK's, your hormones, your appointments and your dates with Wanda

  • A supportive community of women who are on the same fitness fertility journey as you

  • Weekly podcast designed to support you further on your fitness and fertility journey

What makes us different

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Reote personal training

Why Use Remote Personal Training?

Remote training means you use a state of the art app to manage your fertility and fitness training. Choose your perfect programme based on your individual fertility needs, e.g. weight loss, managing your BMI, getting as healthy as possible before IVF, and this programme is then delivered via the app.


The app demonstrates every exercise that is programmed for you and schedules your workouts in your calendar. It has an inbuilt messaging service and your trainer will see how you do with each workout and also if you miss a workout. You can do workouts anywhere you like and you do not need to have a gym membership. This allows you to schedule the workouts around your life, not your personal trainer's, whilst still being accountable for your training and having the daily support of Fitness Fertility. This flexibility, whilst still receiving excellent support, is the reason people all over the world are moving to remote and online personal training.

How does it work?
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