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What makes us different

What Makes Fitness Fertility Different?

  • Personal training to support you with IVF

  • Excellent understanding of IVF, the procedures, STIMS, egg retrieval, long and short protocol plus the physical and emotional toll it takes

  • Easy to follow meal plans, accountability support plus fertility focused workouts

  • Support through your entire fertility journey, from before treatment (including IVF), during treatment, pregnancy and beyond

  • Two week wait workouts: less intense and all exercises are safe for pregnancy​​

  • Low intensity workouts for days where your endo is flaring up, your fibroids are irritating you, your PCOS is making you feel sluggish or your mental health has taken a dive​​

  • Fertility supporting yoga stretches included in every workout, aimed to relax the whole body, lower cortisol levels, relax the pelvis area and increase blood flow to the uterus and ovaries 

  • A safe space where we can talk about the stage of the cycle you are in, your two week wait your OPK's, your hormones, your appointments and your dates with Wanda

  • A supportive community of women who are on the same fitness fertility journey as you

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