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Fertility workouts for couples

Couples Training

Couples that train together, stay together. 

Exercise can improve  fertility in men and women.

We all know that in order to have a baby, we need a sperm and an egg. We also know that being fit and healthy can hugely help both sperm quality and egg quality, manage BMI and so allow access to fertility treatment, increase testosterone levels, lower stress, improve mood, prepare a body for a healthy pregnancy, as well as a host of other health factors.

"Hi Maria, Just wanted to explain why I'm suddenly not working out....I'm pregnant rught now! I've got PCOS and have been trying for such a long time....thanks for the motivation" Fitness Fertility Client.

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Ciaran Hannington, male fertility fitness specialist and founder of Humanity, Health and Fitness, and Maria, female fertility fitness specialist and founder of Fitness Fertility have teamed up to bring you a fantastic couples programme, designed to support both male and female fertility. Maria and Ciaran have both been on their own fertility journey and want to support other couples who are experiencing the same difficulties. 

"Ciaran is a fantastic personal trainer. His knowledge of male fertility, and what men need to optimise their fertility is unrivalled. His training programmes reflect this and simply put, he just knows things other personal trainers don't. " Client Testimonial

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There is no doubt that that infertility can take a huge toll on any relationship so it is crucial that couples do everything they can to work together to support their relationship as they go through this grueling process together. If you are in a heterosexual couple, this programme is for you (if you are not in a heterosexual couple, but are also interested in couples training, we can still help, see contact details below). 

Our 12 week programme includes the following:

  • Minimum three workouts per week

  • Healthy Meal plans based around each individuals calorific and macronutrient needs

  • Couples workouts that you do together

  • Workouts designed to support overall health in both men and women

  • Workouts designed to support healthy testosterone levels in males

  • Fertility supporting yoga stretches

  • Regular contact with Maria and Ciaran to  support you and and keep you accountable

  • Pelvic floor workout

  • Fertility supporting yoga and relaxation stretches

  • Support in working towards a healthy BMI

  • Setting and tracking of healthy goals and habits

  • Both partners have access to the training plans via an awesome personal trainng app

  • Price only £25.99 per week for 12 weeks (per couple, not per person)

  • One person signs up and the set up link is then sent to the partner so they can log in too; easy.

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If you would like to talk, book in for a free consultation with Maria here or contact Ciaran at 

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Interested? Get in touch. 

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