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Why it is important that your personal trainer understands your fertility journey.

You must have a trainer that understands what you are dealing with. Fitness for fertility, and fitness for preparing for IVF or fertility treatment is different than normal personal training.

"Most trainers get really nervous when I start talking to them about the stage of IVF I am about to start".

Here are a few things you need to be able to discuss:

1. Your own individual fertility concern. Is is endometriosis or adenomyosis? Do you need pelvic floor strengthening exercises or are you experiencing vaginismus and actually pelvic floor contractions are not what you need? Your personal trainer must understand the key features of what you are going through so that they can tailor your workouts around what you need for fertility, not just to improve your mirror muscles.

2. Your periods. Your trainer must know when your period (if you have periods) is. It can affect how you feel not just physically but also mentally. It can effect the type of training you do at that time and how you refuel afterwards. It can affect how heavy you can lift even when your effort level feels the same.

3. Your mental health. We all know that infertility and the #ttcjourney have a huge impact on your mental health. You personal trainer must understand how you feel at different phases of your journey including around ovulation, when your period is due.

4. Your privacy. One thing I know through working with amazing women who are dealing with infertility, is that you don't always want me to share your progress or tag you on social media. The fertility journey can be very private, especially in some cultures where infertility is still not talked about. So make sure your personal trainer knows not to tag you in any social media shout outs, team challenges etc if you would rather keep things confidential.

For more information get in touch with Maria at Fitness Fertility on and tune in to the Fitness Fertility podcast!

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